mardi 7 octobre 2014

Army of Hades - Meitoshi

Cheshire Chi-juu star (Chijusei) packet Sea
Voice - Hoshi Soichiro
Meitoshi Pandora work. I was Tokusen catch up to the main fighter of the land that was overthrown invaded Jameel. It is a personality rich emotional expression innocent, but the roots cool-headedness.
There is open to talent enough to act in accordance with Pandora in battle lost canvas, opposing the Tenma who along with Rhadamanthys you have joined the same is also reputed to be the "It's likely to let it die even if allowance" from Tenma already, and forces outside had become. Prepare to die now alone with Sasha regained the power of Athena, but lost the fight finally hug to Sasha, are protected.
The act together with the Saint who was resurrected, to survive the last holy war thereafter. Loyalty or thicker Surprisingly, I was acting in accordance with Pandora also in the epilogue.

Etovu~aruto Chihi star (Chihisei) Sylph
Voice - Yasuyuki Kase
One of Meitoshi of land that was overthrown invaded Jameel.

Niobe Chikura star (Chiansei) deep
Voice - Matsuyama Takakokorozashi
Technique: Deep Fragrance
Emerged as the only under Rhadamanthys in Meitoshi of sanctuary assault troops led by Minosu. The challenge to Arubafika of Pisces, to prevent applications technique of deep fragrance poison Mamiya rose of Pisces, was mustard half diverted to attack.
Meitoshi of land (Chibosei) Cyclops. When it was acting together with Hades militants of several people, it is defeated encountered Tong tiger of Libra. After death, I will be resurrected by the power of Hades.

Raimi Chifuku star (Chifukusei) worms
Voice - Lee Maruoka Atsushi
Trick: Worms bind
Invade the sanctuary, and encounters of Tenma in training, and Sasha, you are trying to murder she Kanzui is the Athena, but is dismissed in Zion.The name does not appear in the original, but has become a Raimi in OVA.

Horsetail TakashiTakumihoshi of (transfer student) Hanuman
Voice - Irino
Trick: Sekishikabaneki Ruyi Rei(Sekishiki Ruyi Rei phosphorus)
Appeared in the "crest of Yuzuriha Gaiden Chisumi".
16-year-old died. Brother Yuzuriha, Ototodeshi of Zion to mentor the haku lei. It was scheduled to take over the house to send out warriors Yuzuriha, but it is Meitoshi to hear the voice of heaven use of Hades. It is overthrown by Sion to the expense the death of those who love At that time, tried to bet on hand also Yuzuriha killing the parents.

(Electrostatic Tenritsu) Ten-ritsu star of Turkey Dryads
Voice - Kosugi Jyurota
Trick: Curse of Lily
This is similar to the extent that it was mistaken disciple of Rugonisu, even Arubafika is a brother of Rugonisu of Pisces. I had been studying to detoxify the poison that undermine the brother Rugonisu at the island of Yakushi. Circumstances that were not told in detail in the drama CD, but became Hades militants are exploited to Thanatos the helplessness, frustration to the illness of his disciples Pefuko death and brother Rugonisu In Arubafika Gaiden is depicted.It remained to be a sibling to the Rugonisu In Drama CD is unexpected is revealed.

Earhart Tianshou star (Tenjusei) Vampire
Trick: Crimson Cross (scarlet light)
Man who appeared to remind ties with Hades to Ten-son star remains without response to the Call of Hades also become a holy war up close, it has been sealed. Is overcome by the wit of the rule of Asupurosu to Chris, and then manipulate clothed her is taken out from the body of Meikoromo Chris also, to confront Asupurosu dressed Meikoromo own.

(Electrostatic Tenson) Ten-son star Chris Ketosu
The girl is at the mercy of fate that the Yado-boshi Ten-son star with a mighty force. Have been hidden in the body of its own Meikoromo by the father, but because it did not show signs of waking up or if there is also the weakness of the life force and the will of the person, it is manipulated retrieved Earhart to contemplate awakening as Meitoshi. The Aragai in desperate domination of Earhart received his words, to attack Asupurosu also lose consciousness by emitting the words that ask for help.

Silhouette of land (Jichinsei) (shadow spores)
Trick: shadow surrender (Kagegoupuku)
Meitoshi gave eternal life to Ahinsa who came to the underworld as in death. Aggress to Asumita also meet own head.

Meitoshi Chisakigake star (ChiKaisei) Atabaku
Trick: Maten Mutakarawa (Matenmu Falun)
Man is called a man close to God most underworld. Meitoshi only that do not belong under the command of Pandora because it has received a special mission. Are allowed to own the mansion itself its presence itself is a top secret even in the underworld. Soul of the dead, have to be intended to incorporate himself Hades eventually. The invitation to the Mage to show the illusion that his mother die and am in Ahinsa to keep the ego in the underworld The suffer forever, be incorporated into the body of their own, which is referred to as a Ikigami its soul. Tide reverse Ahinsa that confrontation mansion and its own Asumita broke Benuu, it trumps Asumita in Higi own or mandala of the undead go billion had exited the mandala has become a scapegoat. To disappear drunk wheel of reincarnation soul who became free by that has been stripped of eighth sense Tenma treasure wheels open.

Raybould thiin star (Chiinsei) Upuiri
Trick: Mar de las Brad
Meitoshi who was disguised as the son of the servant of Chris. To advance the fight predominantly against the Asupurosu that do not have at hand the Cloth, to speak as a souvenir maid Arica its identity, the heritage of Walden House, but being defeated by Asupurosu you wearing summon Golden Saint.

Meitoshi you hit the village
Trick: Absorb Life Arrow
'17 Before the start of the holy war, Meitoshi to attempt the murder of Iliad of Leo. I work the looting to a nearby village led the centaur. The hurting the Shijifosu of candidates era, but is struck alias that was rushed to the scene asked for relief in Asupurosu was a cadet as well.